Mobi-mat® Beach and Garden Roll out Walkway Access Mats by Deschamps Mats Systems Inc., NJ, USA. Ph : +1 973 928 3040
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      Mobi-mat ADA roll out wood like walkway : Installation, Maintenance and Storage

      Mobi-mat ADA  roll out wood like walkway : Installation, Maintenance and Storage

      Mobi-mat® is a portable and durable mat system that is designed to provide accessibility to beaches, parks, and other outdoor locations for individuals with limited abilities. The Mobi-mat® is easy to install and remove, making it a popular choice for many organizations and municipalities. In this article, we will discuss the installation and removal of a Mobi-mat® rollout wood like walkway – ADA compliant.

      Read carefully the following method and always follow the safety rules.


      Step 1: Preparation: Before installing the Mobi-mat®, Level the ground with a rake to remove large stones and debris.

      Step 2:  Unroll the Mobi-mat® at the desired place. The upside is the smooth side. The serial number label is on the downside.

      Step 3: Anchor the first end of the mat, starting with the spikes in the eyelets, then the staples in the rigid connector. The number of stakes and staples changes according to the width.

      Step 4: Pull the mat taut from the opposite end. Do not use vehicle to stretch the mat.

      Step 5: Anchor the opposite end, starting with the spikes in the eyelets, then the staples in the rigid connector. For a perfect finish, bury the end of the mat (dig a 10cm - 4” trench before anchoring the mat).

      Step 6 : Anchor the sides of the mat (if equipped) with spikes.

       How to  connect 2 Mobi-mat®?

      Step 1: Align the two mats end-to-end.

      Step 2:  Overlap the connectors of the two mats (if necessary, reverse the mat end-to-end in order to get the correct end).

      Step 3: Anchor the staples through the overlapped connectors, and then the spikes in the eyelets.

      Maintenance and storage

      • Use a leaf blower or a broom to remove sand from the mat.
      •  If too much sand accumulates underneath, reinstall it.
      • Store the mats rolled-up, horizontally (do not store mats vertically).
      • Before storage, rinse with clear water.

       Safety rules:

      • Check underground facilities (gas, electricity…)before installing the mats.
      • Use safety glasses, gloves and shoes during installation.
      • Never use for other applications.
      • After installation check regularly that no part (stake, staple, spike…) can injure people or damage equipment (vehicle, wheelchair,building…).

      Roll up and  store

      Step 1: Remove all stakes before removing the Mobi-mat®

      Sept 2:  Roll up the mat: Starting at the access point, roll up the Mobi-mat® in a straight line. It is important to keep the mat flat and level to prevent any damage.

      Step 3: Clean the area: Once the Mobi-mat® has been removed, clean the area to ensure that it is clear of any debris or obstacles.

      Step 4: Store the Mobi-mat®. It is important to keep the mat clean to prevent damage.

      In conclusion,  Mobi-mat® is an easy-to-install and remove mat system that provides accessibility to individuals with limited abilities. To install the mat, prepare the area, roll out the mat, secure it, and create an access point. To remove the mat, remove stakes, roll up the mat, clean the area, and store the mat. By following these steps,  municipalities. resorts and anyone  can provide accessibility to outdoor areas for individuals with mobility limitations.

      How to wheel a wheelchair on grass?

      How to wheel a wheelchair on grass?

      Wheeling a wheelchair on grass can be challenging and requires more effort than moving on a flat surface. The wheels can sink into the ground, making it difficult to move forward. However, it is possible to wheel a wheelchair on grass with the right technique and equipment.  Wide wheels or inflatable tires can help distribute the weight and prevent sinking. Pushing with a steady and rhythmic motion can also help maintain momentum. It is important to be cautious and avoid steep slopes or uneven terrain to prevent accidents.