Mobi-mat® Beach and Garden Roll out Walkway Access Mats by Deschamps Mats Systems Inc., NJ, USA. Ph : +1 973 928 3040
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      Portable Boat Ramps

      Portable Boat Ramps

      Mobi-mat® provides a stable non-slip driving surface with efficient tire grip and traction on slopes for small fishing boats, small crafts, trailers, ATVs  up to larger trailered boats and trucks. There are 2 types of Mobi-Mat® surfacing mat designed to make non-slip boat launch :

      • lightweight  AFX for private and low vehicle traffic,
      • heavy-duty  A2X for regular and heavy traffic.

      They are designed to meet specific uses.

      The AFX portable boat ramp is designed with one corrugated side to  adhere to the ground and a smooth barefoot friendly side to accommodate barefoot beach goers.

      The A2X boat ramp has a corrugated surface on both sides to grip the ground and bring heavy vehicle tire grip on slopes.