MOBI-MAT® Beach and Garden Roll out Walkway Access Mats by Deschamps Mats Systems Inc., NJ, USA. Ph : +1 973 928 3040
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      Mobi-Mat® Recpath™ walkway is compatible with any type of surface and can be used for multiple applications:

      Individuals Garden Walkways and Paths

      A Mobi-mat® walkway is an eye-catching enhancement to any outdoor space or garden. With its wood-like design, laying Mobi-mat® Walkway can be an attractive addition to any landscape and this inexpensive and easy DIY project can offer you comfort over gravel, sandy or dirty ground.

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      Individuals Wheelchair pathways

      We specialize in providing high quality Mobi-mat® ADA/ABA/AODA portable nonslip roll-up Mobi-mat® Access Mat™ for any individual willing to increase accessibility to its garden, backyard, fishing peer.

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      Hotel & HOA Beach and Garden Walkways

      A Mobi-mat® walkway is an eye-catching enhancement to any outdoor space, beach and garden. With its wood-like or contemporary ocean blue design, laying Mobi-mat® Walkways can be an attractive and comfortable addition to any beach and provide your guest with a comfortable, outdoor walking experience on soft sand, gravel, dirty paths.

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      ADA Beach and Park Accessibility walkways

      The Mobi-mat® portable pathways are designed to accommodate a wide range of users, individuals of all abilities including people with mobility and visual impairments, people with disabilities or mobility challenges, the elderly, those using wheelchairs, mobility scooters or strollers and other groups with special access needs.

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