Mobi-mat® Beach and Garden Roll out Walkway Access Mats by Deschamps Mats Systems Inc., NJ, USA. Ph : +1 973 928 3040
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      Residential Garden Walkways and Paths

      Residential Garden Walkways and Paths

      A Mobi-mat® walkway is an eye-catching enhancement to any outdoor space or garden. With its wood-like design, laying Mobi-mat® Walkway can be an attractive addition to any landscape and this inexpensive and easy DIY project can offer you comfort over gravel, sandy or dirty ground. Contemporary wood-like look without the cost or weight! The Mobi-mat® is splinter and UV resistant, perfect for ocean-front properties.

      Just test it with feet!

      Benefits of a Mobi-mat® Walkway

      • Aesthetically pleasing wood-like looking
      • Easy quick DIY installation
      • Comfortable and safe walking surface
      • Environmentally friendly
      • Durable