Mobi-mat® Beach and Garden Roll out Walkway Access Mats by Deschamps Mats Systems Inc., NJ, USA. Ph : +1 973 928 3040
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      ADA Beach and Park Accessibility walkways

      ADA Beach and Park Accessibility walkways

      Deschamps Mats Systems Inc. –DMS Inc.- is America’s leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of best in class beach ADA Accessibility products including Mobi-Mat®, Mobi-Chair®, the 2 minute rapid setup and storage device Mobi-Roll ‘N Stow® which comply with the ADA -American with Disabilities Act- guidelines and the ABA Architectural Barriers Act.

      The Mobi-mat® portable pathways are designed to accommodate a wide range of users, individuals of all abilities including people with mobility and visual impairments, people with disabilities or mobility challenges, the elderly, those using wheelchairs, mobility scooters or strollers and other groups with special access needs.

      Mobi-mat® RecPath range is made from 100% recycled materials and provides a firm, safe, cool and stable surface.

      Benefits of a Mobi-mat® ADA Walkway

      • ADA compliant
      • Comfortable and safe
      • Aesthetically pleasing
      • Lighweight quick and easy installation
      • Environmentally friendly
      • Durable

      Make no mistake, these are the worlds leading beach accessibility products, and for very good reasons.

      At DMS Inc. we don't simply sell beach access equipment. Our services include;

      • Beach access consultation & advisory
      • Detailed site evaluations & planning